In May 2002, a man began e Shall we have a kitten festival?f on a famous Internet bulletin board service in Japan.
The man consulted and examined how to abuse this kitten with other people serving on the BBS, then he cut off the kittenfs tail, ears, took photographs and put those pictures up on the BBS as a eSlaughter Livef.

After over four hours of cruelties the kitten was choked to death with a wire.
The kittenfs pupils were wide opened and throw into a corner of the bathtub.
The man was caught through the IP address, reported by an anonymous person who was also using the BBS.
The papers pertaining to the case were sent to the Public Prosecutors Office.
It would have certainly ended with just a report to the prosecutor because it is unprecedented case in Japan, as the current laws to protect animals are insufficient and seldom enforce.

I was furious when I found out this news and didnft want to waste the kittenfs life so I created this home page named `Dear Kogentaf, it is a tribute to the kitten that was named after his death, by a Buddhist priest.
I distributed signature form and started a petition.
I was able to send more than 30,000 signatures to the Public Prosecutor Office in Fukuoka, Japan from this site.
They considered the importance of the social effect on this case and researched it again.
As a result the man was arrested as the kitten slaughterer and became the first felony case of animal cruelty in Japan.
More than one hundred people showed up for the hearing from all over Japan.
The criminal pleaded guilty and the judge sentenced him to six months imprisonment and three years probation.
This judgment is a miracle in Japan.

Connection between animal abuse and violent crimes are taking very seriously in Europe and USA for a long time and their punishment are mostly considered a felony.
They are trying to strengthen the law to mandatory counseling to those who commit an animal cruelty.
We must realize how serious animal abuse cases are not to just animals but to society itself.
Therefore I strongly believe that Japan needs to have better laws that will take care of both animals and criminals.

Another issue I would like to focus on is over population of companion animals in Japan.
Over 650,000 unwanted dogs and cats are killed at animal control each year in Japan.
There are some people who are working hard to help those animals, but on the other hand the terrible reality of vicious breeders who just want to profit without any restrictions.
I believe we need to have strong laws to control those immoral breeders.

To live with other creatures remind us `how precious life isf. Animals show unconditional love to all of us.
By changing animal protection laws I hope we can start living in a society where living together peacefully is a true meaning to all of us.
I am working on a petition addressed to the Japanese Diet to change animal protection laws and advocates to improve animal control system in Japan.

Would you please cooperate with us to make it happen?

Web Master mimi, Translated and report by Arjuna and The Avs Girl

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