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The following is I wrote several days after I saw KOGENTA's that was killed by JM,@slaughter photographs.
I think it is quite emotional.
But the following writing is just my personal feeling and it is not concern with signature, petition and link.
Someone do not have same opinions as my writing below, sighed about this Japanese serious problems or linked my web.
My personal feeling causes trouble to this activity, I do not hope so.

Cruelties to animals was exist but it is not only come out to the public.
Many dogs and cats that kill at the hygiene centers, the biological test and problem@of fur\\full of the problems which we must be solve.
If anything, it is that the society itself which produced such human beings may have problem. It develops there.
What I consider, we should carry out we can do something one by one. If someone committed a crime, it must be judged by law.
We appeal it to the public first, and then, it will becomes gthe Japanese nations voice"
next it will becomes gthe wish of people in the world and it convey to the Japanese Government\\It it is connect to re-change of the law protecting animals in Japan.
For that the first time, true eternal peace comes to them which were abused and died.

I think there are many people disagree the following about my personal feeling.
If you understand, it is never main purport in this site, I am grateful for your comprehension.

My Anger, The Cause Of This Site Starting

I spent I am very indignant days at there are many incidents of the cat slaughter.
In fact, I did not plan to have seen it but I saw the photographs of the slaughtered cat in a Japanese web called Detective file.
It is a very pretty cat and does not become dirty.
I think maybe several days ago he was deserted by someone.
The first photograph is he was fed in the bathtub by a criminal and his expression is satisfied with this meal.
I think he said gThis is delicious. Thank you" to the criminal.
Soon after the tragedy was done in this place.
After atrocities, he that open his eyes wide by fear, has been dead.
I think only devils can do this.
I do not understand why could criminal do such a cruelty to helpless and frail being.
The criminal was cruel to the cat for four hours.

You understand if you read the books of FBI psychological analysts.
Abused dogs or cats in someone's young\\This is a typical murderer's record.
Many serial killers progress dogs or cats slaughter¨child murder¨woman murder, as they grow older.
SAKAKIBARA (a bizarre murder in Kobe, Japan. He killed a boy, and he cut off this boy's head from body then he put this head on the gatepost of a elementary school) will release from a reformatory soon.
He is in his teens, sure enough where school is he appear as a transfer?
Maybe he appear a student of your children's school.
The other day, my sister in Tokyo, Japan, saw Kazumasa Sagawa who is human fresh in Paris next to her in the bookstore.
He was company with a blond beauty white woman.
Does she know about what did he do in Paris?

JM changed his name, maybe he moves to your neighbor.
Maybe many outside cats disappear before you know.
Maybe JM watches your cat as he says gThis is a pretty cat, isn't It?"
Fellow who did at once and got a taste of success, maybe kills cats and even someone's cats from now over and over.
Criminal, who was an insanity, who was a child, whose victims were dogs and cats\\.
I feel terrible fear to Japan, such criminals live with dignity by such reasons.

In Detective file's web updating JM's appearance which the police did not clear by detail investigation.
I think this is the information we should know.

Detective also requested the posthumous Buddhist name to the priest for slaughtered cat that was named gKOGENTA". Moreover Detective held the funeral for Kogenta (Kogenta's body was not found whether it was thrown away into the river).
The following is excerpt from diary of Detective file on May 28, 2002.

First, report of cat slaughter JM
The person who passed by front the apartment saw JM twice. JM shot the dove with the model gun from the porch of his apartment room. This was agreement with the residents who live another floor in same apartment with JM. His model gun made sound loud.
JM resigned employment in this April.
Then he stayed in his room.
The neighborhood of he heard cat's scream from his apartment on the day different from this affair.
Testimony of persons who know the criminal (classmates of his university and others). Usually he was timidly, look like an anthrophobia, when he talks, he never watched someone's (talk with JM) eyes, he spoke in a small, he walked with quick steps and so on. Testimony about him corresponded with the others. Got testimony JM was inconspicuous and his character was not sociable from classmates of his high school.

And a resident of this apartment heard cat's scream in the midnight on May 6 happened this case.
This person told some testimony to the police.
The others, someone saw stray cat strangled with something like cloth about a year ago.
Also testimony, cats which settled in the neighboring company called A decreased sharply. However, these are not proofs connect directly with this case. Few days ago, we found three bodies of cats and we submitted these to the police but the did not do legally-ordered autopsy.
JM said gI set free that cat" denied clearly, the cat was killed by him ; so that these circumstantial evidences will become nothing.

JM took to the police around 8:30 a.m. Thursday, May 16, about eight policemen went into for the domiciliary search. The personal computer of a desktop was also contained in the seizure articles.
The woman in character with JM's mother took the bedding for dry in the daytime on May 17. Next day, a track came and carried ort most loads. Even now, some loads seen to remain. MJ did not appear both days.

That is all, reports in this case is finished.


I am sorry, this is a strange title today. I decided I will hold the funeral for killed cat.
I requested this to the priest.
I hold if with the forty-ninth day (an important service for Buddhism).
Please pardon the inquiry about this. I do it by ourselves.

The posthumous Buddhist name of this cat is KOGENTA.

Whole couple days obtained information very hard by four inquirer\\Kogenta was deserted by someone. We wanted to find his owner and made effort for apply to the criminal to property. I am sorry. I apologize to you for I could not your expectation.
Put together the talks of the people who looked at Kogenta, they saw Kogenta at near dump in front of criminal's apartment, a week before he was killed by the criminal. If there is a river, stray cats not be troubled by water. The deserted place is his death place. He kept by someone ; so that he was killed by JM for he was tame people.

Things which I felt poignant in this case. If you are animal lover, you should take care of it to the last.
If you have possibility may desert cat or dog, you should not keep them. Not only Kogenta but many animals suffer same circumstances as he.
Act of desert is equally crime as people who cruel to animal or more severer crime than the cruelty.
If you call yourself an animal lover, these are outrageous\\neglect without castrating, desert animals, much more.

* Excerpt from diary on May 28, 2002 of

Someone keep cats which go out free because it likes outside naturally.
Regrettably, it is dangerous because modern society is different from the past.
Please consider your cat keeps in the house.

I read Detective file's report and I could not sleep, spent days. and I made a decision to start this site.


The criminal was arrested on August 7, 2002 and demanded the imprisonment at six months and suspended sentence at three years for him.

This judgment was exception in Japan.

Japan is full of problems of animals.

Please assist us for change the laws protecting animals in Japan.
Please help animals in Japan!@

mimi (Translated by Arjuna)