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DILLREVANGA : I caught a carrier.
7SHI-SAN : whatfs carrier?
DILLREVANGA : Itfs a virs carrier..
I hold the Festival of Cats.
How I killed the cat? Whatfs your request?
ICHIGOUKAN-KARANO KOPIPE : The best way for cat is made it drunk by silvervine powder.
Because it doesnft run away the waist falls out and I can abuse it as I please.
Cause the cat to suck in silvervine is best.
It seems@that the cat is in pain and scratches the nozzle of vacuum.
Itfs vain.
Cat becomes limp soon, I repeat do it again and@again till the extent of it dies,
because Ifm uninteresting if it died this stage.
If I lost interest, throw it into the bathtub which filled water.
This is so fun and I shake with laughter!
I gave the enema in mustard to the cat. Then, it run away@with a strange cry.
It was falling down froth at the@mouth in the kitchen.
Next day, the cat had faces many@times from the morning. I was sorry for it ;
so I gave@the enema in Tabasco instead of the enema to it.
It cried@very lovely and fainted.
Surely it thanks to me.
IWAI : Seize the tail of it and flourish.
ICHIGOUKAN-KARANO KOPIPE : Thank you. Cats dislike the things of adhesive.
I found the cat at last and I tried@quickly.
I twisted the gammed tape around the whole body of the cat except eyes, nose and mouth.
It went on a rampage.
I neglected it for a while then it was scream and leaked pee and it became insane.
DILLREVANGA : Blood---Gory. Itfll not be interesting without SPULATTER.
>>12 * I lifted nipped of the catfs tongue on pliers.
The cat out of pity tongue was paralyzed and it was round. Then the cat cried. Cute!
I thought it too cute ; so I repeated many times.
>>23 : Experiment Instruments
1. Wire
2. Kerosene and lighter
3. Chain
4. Boiling water
5. Carton box and Gummed tape
6. Fireworks
7. Stick
8. Paint spray
9. Quick-drying glue
10.Detergent for toilets and Bleach for kitchens
13 : Excuse me. I expected hung in reverse, Tabasco attack and flooding.
DILLREVANGA : In the first, I should fix a cat.
Where is safety pin?
>>12 : Put the cat into the cover of a sleeping-bag or plastic bag and made hot water bottle or throw it up.
Catch it just before turning the head down and colliding with on the ground.
Take the cat to the bathroom measure for incontinence and attacked by vacuum.
The cat goes on a rampage, as it became crazy.
It comes to groan only showing the nozzle of a vacuum for whether it remembers the shape of vacuum.
Covered the cat with bedding and suffocate.
The breath of a cat becomes hard gradually.
Made to breathe only for a moment and covered immediately.
KAWA : Fry cat.
Put in the cat into oil of 30 degrees.
It went on o rampage ; so I covered the cat with the metal net.
It became little bit husky. I could see it was in tears.
My aim was the temperature of oil as 250 degrees.
The cat still struggled. The temperature of oil is point to 60 degrees.
When it became 90 degrees, the state of the cat had change.
It raised a death cry and it was cramping the legs.
Something white liquid from eyes.
Then catfs face sank in the oil.
After I continued frying the cat at 250 degrees for 7 to 8 minutes.
It became just a burned black mass. And I threw it away into the garbage can.
The time of the skin being fried was the most stinking.
After, smell like the pork burns.
Next time, Ifll put a cat into hot oil and I want to report it.
no name A stopper is carried out and water is put incchange of expression of a cat is take photograph.
>>12 : It is interesting when an enema in red pepper to the cat. This result is---please try. Have a good time!
E Applied mustard or Japanese horseradish to the eyes of a cat.
E Put a rubber ball into the catfs mouth and swollen and burst it.
E Throw the cat that bound, on the fragment of glass.
E Put the wax into the ears of a cat and melt it by lighter.
E Cover gunpowder and oil over the head to tail of a cat and light.
E Put the mixed-solution of the detergent for toilets and the detergent for mold into the sealed box. Put in a cat there.
E Stab with the needles inside a collar of the cat.
E Put full of fireworks or firecrackers in the mouth of a@cat, and lit.
E Among the catfs all nails, do the half pickle of the@needles and neglect it.
E Crush the catfs whole of body little by little with@hammer everyday.
E Stab a needle to a kitten in the presence of the mother@cat (Bind mother cat).
E Plane the cat
E Saw the cat.
E Throw a cat at the wall.
E Bind a cat to the exhaust opening of muffler and drive.
E Run over the cat by the skateboard of the bicycle.
E Drop the magnesium which is burning, on the cat.
GRAY : Damn this cat! How about cut itfs leg each fuckinf the bulletin board service?
If do it, this cat will lose all legs in couple days.
KAWA : How ebout cut in small pieces little by little from the tail each the bulletin board service?
DILLREVANGA : Yes! Thatfs good idea! I got it!
Which@should I cut first? Hand? Leg or tail?
GRAY : How about cut the tail by the half?
666 : Dillrevanga, do you have an electric drill?
Are you@going to cut the legs and tail using what?
DILLREVANGA: I have a hard nipper. OK, cut the half of a@tail.
KICHIKU-MON Did you already cut the tail?
Itfs better@not to cut to the last, since it is convenient,
if you use@a tail for handle which drags out the cat.
AIHIMAN : Ifm very excited. I feel pleasure!
666 : I think that the pain of this cat increases, if you use a saw.
How@ebout jigsaw?
DILLREVANGA : I cut quarter of a tail. Which is next?
KICHIKU-MON : You anesthetize the cat.
You should prepare@handy weight metal tool like hammer,crowbar of pliers.
Hit the head of a cat use them.
However you strike@lightly. Strike strong gradually.
Do you have wire?
It is good if you have the thickness of@about 16mm.
Wire is twisted around the root of the@portion which you cut.
You twist it strongly on pliers.
Youfll stop, if the catfs scream becomes large.
If you use@this way, bleeding can be suppressed to the minimum.
DILLREVANGA : I canft prepare anesthetic.
When I went@out, there was a harmful animal by chance.
I captured it@in a hurry ; so preparation is pretty insufficient.
Next, leg? ear? eye?
KAWA : Cut an ear!
DILLREVANGA : Left ear or right?
KICHIKU-MON : Feed this cat own portion.
KAWA : I wish the left ear.
DILLREVANGA I see, Left ear isnft it?
Whatfs this?! I canft cut because it is so hard.
no name Wefre not related even if it becomes the police@notice.
You should cope with it so that your identity may@not be known, Dillrevanga.
666 : Dillrevanga, do you have a nipper?
DILLREVANGA : I feel bored with doinf cruelly this cat.
NANASHI-SAN : I can't see the catfs face.
Is it already@die?
DILLREVANGA : I think maybe it is still alive.
AIHIMAN : At last, I could access and watch this cruel@photos on this site.
Ifm excited. The tail was cut splendidly. Next do you do@flooding?
666 : I watched the photo. I think it is already dead.
DILLREVANGA : Although I abused the hamster before.
It@was also alive same extent.
Ifve already bored ; so may I kill this at a stretch?
no name I donft care about it. But you should eat it.
666 : Everybody, whatfs your opinion?
no name Bully it more.
DILLREVANGA : Look! I already killed it. Sorry,@everybody.
By the way, Do you know how did I kill?
no name Serves right! Damn cat!
AIHIMAN : Great1 Youfre great DILLREVANGA! Did you kill@it now? I canft believe.
no name Dear, Mr. Dillrevanga I was satisfied with this LIVE.
Itfs face in the last photograph is terrible. I canft@consider it was a pretty cat.
666 : Ifm laughed by expression of it in the last@photograph.
Is this catfs head being cut form the body.
DILLREVANGA : I didnft make a cat scream.
When I poked@the itfs throat with the knife, there was sound to which air@leaks from a trachea. Then I killed.
AIHIMAN : I donft know this is real or not through the@internet. But I enjoyed.
DILLREVANGA : Ifll throw away the body of this cat into a nearby river.
It hoped that I might be pleasant killing cat and I killed.
But it wasnft so fun. The Festival was over. I go to throw awaythe body.
KICHIKU-MON : Thank you for your interesting live, Mr.@Dillrevanga. Thank you.
Misery expression of the last of@a cat was very good.
AIHIMAN : Thank you Dillrevanga. Good job.
NYU-SOKU JUUNIN : The criminal damage to property, isnft@it?
I think maybe Dillrevanga doesnft arrest if it was a stray cat.
DILLREVANGA : How are you, everybody? I went.
206 : Does this cause arrest?
There are many parents who abuse their child in Japan.
This Live is no problem compare with it.
NYU-SOKU JUUNIN : Dillrevanga, I came from another@bulletin board.
Thank you very very much your so interesting festival.
I wish you destroy break the spinal@column of the cat next time.
HIMAN : Sir, you gave us good festival! So excellent!
I want to see live; so please do it again!
DILLREVANGA : I imagined abusing cat is interesting. But it wasnft so fun.
no name The police doesnft arrest Dillrevanga. If you arrested, youfll free fined and report to the prosecutor.
no name I was excited by 2channel after a long time, Dillrevanga.
DILLREVANGA : I should clean my bathtub. Itfs troublesome...

The above is tiny parts from original.
After Dillrevanga(J.M) killed the cat, this Bulletin Board Service continued very long.
J.M said too in original.
gDonft worry, I have money(for a fine)h
and also gI know someone in the policeh
I refrain from posting the slaughter photographs because
those are too cruel.
The following is descriptions of those that really was
posted on the network by the accused.
In the bath tab
1. When the cat eating a canned for cats, he is looking up
the criminal.
He looks like happy.
2. The cat was hung by the red cord or a wire. 
Pain destorted his face.

3. There is the pliers on this side.  The tail that is put
on the edge of the bath tub, was cut off from the body by the criminal.
There is the bloody chopsticks beside of the pliers. 
It seems that thrust into the cat's anus.
He cowers on this side and looking up the criminal.

4. The bloody bath tub.  He is struggling at there.

5. The cat was tied by red cord and he is severing his lelt ear by the criminal. 
He cowers, closes his eyes and keeps still.

6. The cat that the pupils opened wide, was hanged. 
His jaws were dislocated unnaturally and the heads came off
from body or not it is impossible to judge.
A CD that writtengI'm a defeatism" by hand, was hung around the cat's neck.

7. The cat that is dead.  A paper which put at his feet,
was written
gOffer to the brothers of Kuromutsu (a kind of slang in a
BBS called abhorring dogs and cats. It means a general name of people who abuse or kill cats) in the world!!
Oscar Dill".

Translated by Arjuna